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BigCommerce’s Make it Big event!

September 24, 2020 in Product Reviews - No Comments

Back by popular demand is the BigCommerce’s Make it Big event! This three-day event from October 6-8, 2020, is an on-demand e-commerce conference that was built for retailers, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce professionals looking to fuel their next stage of growth. With industry experts in retail, e-commerce, and business, BigCommerce’s main aim is to…

Homeschool Record Keeping

July 14, 2020 in Homeschooling - No Comments

Homeschooling, for those who are asking, is legal. As of now, fifty states have allowed homeschooling and have provided laws for its implementation. They have different laws though and some of the states require that you can show some kind of records to show that you’re homeschooling your children. There…

February 2019 Blog Income Report

April 28, 2019 in Blogging - No Comments

I have debated with myself over whether I should do the typical income report for this blog and I decided to go through with it.  One of the top reasons for not wanting to do it was a defeating thought of “what if I don’t hit my monthly goals or…

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