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February 2019 Blog Income Report

April 28, 2019 in Blogging - No Comments - 5 min read
blog income report

I have debated with myself over whether I should do the typical income report for this blog and I decided to go through with it.  One of the top reasons for not wanting to do it was a defeating thought of “what if I don’t hit my monthly goals or don’t make anything?” Well, the upside to if either one of those should happen is that it paints a more realistic picture.  I started this blog to help share the knowledge that I have, as I want other people who have asked me over the years how do I homeschool, how do I start a website, how do I start a business.  It will be easier to point them to the website in hopes that most of their questions are answered, and that they are inspired, as I hope that you are. My approach to the blog is a lot different from my approach to other sites that I have started, as I am more laid back and more concerned with making a personal connection with people. I want to take the blog slow and be able to help more people in the beginning, instead of doing a massive campaign to gain money. My belief system is people over things 🙂 So with that, I wanted to first extend my services to people I have known before I start reaching out to newer people. 

Disclosure: This post may be sponsored or contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. See my full disclosure here.

I will start with what my goals for the month of February were and details to each goal.

  • Facebook 100 likes
  • Facebook Group 15
  • Email subscribers 50
  • Instagram subscribers 50
  • Pinterest subscribers 20
  • Twitter subscribers 10
  • Financial $100

I did not want to set such a high goal as I wanted to slowly go into this and not put so much of my energy into driving myself mad about reaching these self-imposed goals. With today being the end of the month, here is what is the result of the organic results.

  • Facebook 85/100 likes
  • Facebook Group 11/15
  • Instagram subscribers 67/50
  • Pinterest subscribers 4/20
  • Twitter subscribers 5/10
  • Financial $148.41/100

For Facebook, I sent out 468 invites to people on my personal page friends list and got back 82 likes.  That means about 17% of my invites were accepted.  The other few came from groups that I am involved with on Facebook. Of course, I would like to have exceeded my goal, but from my years of research, that is an average response.  I imagine it would have been higher if I were a more popular person lol.

For my Facebook Group, I didn’t send a request out to people to join that except for 1 or 2 people. Those are organic as a few people who liked my page scroll through to like the group as well.

For my email subscribers, I should have put more work into increasing that as email subscribers are important. In marketing, you will hear that you own your email list and not your social media accounts.  It is more value in email than social media.  Social media is great for validation, but email usually results in more sales. I sent out 21 welcome emails and had a 42% open rate which is above average.  

For Instagram, I am happy that I was able to surpass the goal, and I am not shocked by that.  Hashtags are everything with Instagram, as well as the visuals. People are use to scrolling and quickly like a page or post on Instagram.

Now Pinterest is also something that I am going to put more focus into. I ran my first Pinterest ad campaign and was happy about the results. I have had 6,400 views this month total. One popular pin that I posted was viewed 6,900 times.  In total 35 re-pins have occurred, and 4 subscribers.  I spent $15 this month on Pinterest and saw the results of over 7,000 impressions. It is safe to say that I believe my blog will be able to succeed in investing in Pinterest.

For my Twitter, I didn’t even do anything except for making it look pretty and post a few posts.  I will probably put in the same effort for Twitter for March, as again my focus in email and Pinterest. My March goal for Twitter will be the same as it is for February. 

Now for the financial part, I am happy to have overreached the goal for this month.  My total expenses were $74.98, so total profit is $73.43.  I did not aim to make a $100 in profit, as I just wanted to make a $100, even if I broke even.  I ended up buying a screen recording software for $24, so I can do videos for my course that I have created on how to sale your own t-shirts. The profit came solely from affiliate marketing, which costs my readers and clients nothing extra. Through being an affiliate, I get to offer discounts usually to people so it works out better for beginning business owners. 

My expenses were:

  • $29.99 Shopify 
  • $15 Pinterest Ad
  • $5.99 Google Email
  • $24 Screen Recorder

Overall, my strategy for March will be to again focus on email and Pinterest.  My site saw over 300 different visitors, and I will work to get that to an over 500 for the month of March as much of my traffic came from Pinterest. There were about 2 weeks where I didn’t do much with this blog as I was traveling and grading mid-terms for the courses I teach. My to do list this month has me concentrating on making more pins, more Instagram posts, and creating one more course. My other focus will be to help at least 4 people launch their own business. Maybe you will be one of them 🙂 

My goals for March are as follows:

  • Facebook 150 likes
  • Facebook Group 25
  • Email subscribers 50
  • Instagram subscribers 100 
  • Pinterest subscribers 20
  • Twitter subscribers 10
  • Financial $200

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