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Free Homeschool Resource List

April 24, 2019 in Homeschooling - No Comments - 8 min read
Homeschool Resources

Be prepared to have your mind blown with all of the info this list provides! We struggled through our first year of homeschool, and the second year changed for us because of the exhaustive amount of research I did on finding help. It is my hope that when you see this list, that you first think, that you don’t even have to know any of the subjects, just as long as you know how to get your kid to a resource that explains what you don’t know.

Disclosure: This post may be sponsored or contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. See my full disclosure here.

As discussed in the previous post, jot down your main reasons for wanting to embark on this journey:

  • One on one instruction.
  • Allowing your child to go at their own pace as well as reinforcing weaknesses as often as needed.
  • Creating a better learning experience for your child.
  • Increasing your child’s academic confidence.
  • Catering to your special needs learner.
  • Spending more time together.

Online Public and Private Schools

K12: This is an online school that provides personalized learning for your child, either through the tuition-free public or private schools that are online, with a real teacher. This site has so much information such as showing you a day in the life of what a child on the K12 program will encounter. There are tons of videos on YouTube of real parents discussing their experience using this program.

Bridgeway Academy: This school allows you to choose the subjects that you want to pick, which gives you the flexibility to delegate the subjects you are weakest in, to a real teacher. They have tons of cool classes in the STEM area, which gives you the option to expose your child to any subject, regardless of where you live. They have a few motivational posts that help you with those jitters you could be possibly feeling.

Connections Academy: Tuition-free online K-12 public schools that will individualize a learning plan for your child. Be sure to check out their FAQs page, as it is only offered in certain states.

Williamsburg Academy: This is my personal favorite, as my son has been enrolled here since the beginning of his middle school years. They offer live instruction and the teachers have all been helpful. They know each child by name which is a plus for us, as our son has been just a face before in other settings. Our son was able to become class president which totally improved his responsibility. I can’t say enough good things about this school, as what attracted me and kept me remains the same. They have a great course that teaches leadership and it helps to shape the character of your child. I am happy that I no longer have to teach math and etc., as this school is accredited and teaches all subjects. There is a cost, but you can pick and choose which classes you want. So if you just need someone to teach math and you teach the rest, you can just pay for that.

Curriculum Help

Varsity Tutors: They are operating the largest live learning platform in the United States. I enrolled my son in FREE courses for the summer that he chose himself. They have live instructors that teach a variety of courses in STEM, foreign language, coding, and etc. There tutoring service is great and instant as well. You can click here to get 3 free hours of tutoring to start. They have also introduced their homeschool program called School@Home. Check out our blog post here, explaining further how great Varsity Tutors site is.

Time4Learning: This is an online resource that can provide you with a full online curriculum, that is interactive, or use it as a supplement like we did this year. This is a great resource for understanding more about your homeschooling style and what will eventually work for you. Also, the monthly fee is super affordable.

Outschool: I love using Outschool, for both core lessons and supplemental lessons. So far, my son has taken a range of classes such as fractions, philosophy, magic tricks, drawing, writing and etc. You will see one time classes usually starting at $12 is the average.  They also have semester long courses that are reasonably priced as well.  What’s great is that if you click on the link for Outschool here, you will get $20 just for signing up 🙂 That is enough for you to cover at least one class to see if you like it. 

Monarch Curriculum: An online resource that offers computer-based learning and allows you to access individual or complete online courses that comes with an AUTOMATIC GRADING feature! It is a Bible-based online curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications, that feature a budget-friendly subscription plan.

All in One Homeschool: FREE DETAILED CURRICULUM!!! This site literally gives you a day by day breakdown of what you can do and takes so much of the guesswork out of it. This is a complete, free, and Christian online curriculum. (Idea: It is easy to supplement the religious parts for secular ideas.)

Discovery K12: This is another online curriculum resource that eases you smoothly into homeschooling and making sure you are covering the content for each grade level.

Moby Max: Great program that helps you to find and fix learning gaps. A year subscription/license costs $99, which allows you to add an unlimited amount of students.  Great investment for those with multiple homeschoolers. Try the free trial today!

Khan Academy: Another AWESOME supplemental resource that goes all the way from kindergarten to college. I use this so much to help me explain subjects that I am weak on. You can learn anything on this site and it’s FREE!

IXL: This is a great site for practicing the core subjects. I am so in love with this site and highly recommend it for after-school help even for traditional students. Sign up to get a free 30-day demo and watch your child academically improve!

Education: This is a site that we have been using for this school year, that literally has tons of worksheets, curriculum help, guided lessons, teaching tools, lessons plans, and etc.

EdX: This site is really great for your advanced student as the material is appropriate for high school, college, and professional level.

Coursera: This is a content specific site that gives you a free 7-day trial starting out, and ranges in price from $49-79 a month, depending on the single course chosen. Your student can study on cloud computing, marketing,

Supplemental and Educational Game Sites

Clickschooling: This was one of the best sites that I subscribed to that is FREE. They send you daily recommendations by email of web-based sites catering to each subject. No website is the same and you will be floored by the daily suggestions they have.

Teach Your Monster to Read: This is a fun and FREE way to teach your child to read, that covers phonics and reading.

Common Sense Education: This is just another great resource site that provides tons of reviews of educational products, links to free tools, free lesson plans and more. Click on both the parent and educator tab as each section has a lot of information that is very helpful.

Meetup: This app is a game changer! You can search out any interests and hobbies that you have, and meet up with locals in your area. There are homeschool groups where you can take field trips with other homeschoolers. Connect with stargazers, artists, craftsmen, those who are STEM inclined, play dates, and etc. Join a movement, practice a language, make new friends with this site!

Sheppard Software: Hundreds of educational games for free!

Edheads: Online educational resource that provides math and science games that promote critical thinking. Your child will be introduced into simulations such as knee surgery, designing a cell phone, creating a stem cell, and etc.

Academic Earth: Free online college courses from the world’s top universities.

Brain Pop: I LOVE BRAIN POP! I pay a cheap little subscription every month on my iPad, and it is soooo worth it! They have every subject listed on the site, and a cartoon explaining each possible subject you will encounter, for every grade level. I use Brain Pop on a daily basis.

Flocabulary: One of my son’s favorite co-op classes last year used this site and all the kids loved it! It uses hip hop to engage students with their language arts and grammar. Try your free trial today!

ABCYA: Educational games for grades 1-5.

TED-Ed: I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THESE VIDEOS! Weekly, we have a “Ted Before Bed” moment where we watch a video that I know he would be interested in, while he lays down snuggled in his bed. This is just another way to get some bonding time with your kid, as you will see that it is the last thing on their mind before falling asleep, and usually, they wake up thinking about the video. Most of the videos are short and some are longer. He always wants to discuss what was talked about and it really just fosters conversation. The site even helps you to build a lesson around a video that you watched.

Coursera: Another phenomenal site that offers free courses from the world’s top universities.

Netflix: You better believe that I access so many documentaries on here! Netflix can keep getting coins from me as when I know my son is having one of those days, I can supplement an assignment with a documentary that I know he will be floored about.

YouTube Channels

SciShowKids: This is our favorite channel that explores all the curious topics that your kid can possibly ask.

CrashCourseKids: This is another favorite that explores all things science.

One More Thing

This list will keep you busy and literally fuel your confidence in being able to do this. There are tons of other resources at your fingertips. We live in the D.C. area, where the local libraries provide free foreign language programs, free live online tutoring, free online magazine subscriptions, free e-books, free audio books, free movies, and tons of homeschool programs. Search out your local recreation centers, especially if you are close to major cities, as they now really cater to homeschoolers. Our son was able to join a homeschool swim team, basketball team, soccer team, and etc in this area. Libraries usually have subscriptions to so many services that would be so expensive to a regular user. If you don’t have these services, start them! I was fortunate to have met up with a homegrown co-op last year that saw a need, and the parents banded together to provide classes that their children needed and wanted.


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