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Why Using Grammarly as a Blogger is a Must

April 25, 2019 in Blogging, Product Reviews - No Comments - 3 min read

Congrats to those who have started their blogging journey, or who are about to start.  While you are taking the time to discover the world of blogging by looking up SEO, meta descriptions, monetization, and etc, one of the things you don’t want to have to think about is whether or not your spelling and grammar are correct.  You are officially a writer for a living now and want to have the respect of your audience of being clear with presenting your information.  That is why I don’t write a post without using Grammarly.

Disclosure: This post may be sponsored or contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. See my full disclosure here.

My degrees and professional background compel me to prioritize great writing and the mechanics of great writing.  As a history professor, I implore students to use spell-checker to prevent mistakes on a regular basis and to not lose unnecessary points off their grade.  Grammarly is one of those must-have tools for anyone.  I suggest it to homeschoolers, college students, professionals, colleagues, bloggers, business owners, and etc.  Good writing is essential in running your online business, as you want to make sure that your message is clear and not confusing.  There are people who will be turned away based on incorrect grammatical usage, and misspelled words.  Correct grammar and spelling enhance the professional value that you are providing to your customer.  Our websites are a representation of ourselves and how we want our sites to be perceived is important. 

Reasons why you should use a spelling and grammar checker:

1. Causes confusion for your reader/customer

Your reader or customer will make a decision on whether they should spend time on your site by reading through your site.  If too many spelling or grammar mistakes are made, that could mean losing that potential client or customer forever.  First impressions matter just as much when it comes to our websites, as it does in real life. 

2. Changes the meaning of what you meant to say

You put the work on your reader, client, or customer to have to interpret what you mean, which is unfair for them to have to do.  Having a clear message helps the viewer to be able to retain focus, which is ultimate, what you want from them. The more focus from your viewer, the higher your chances are to convert them to a customer. 

3. You could miss out on sales or networking opportunities

If you introduce your brand in hopes to network by gaining affiliate marketing opportunities, soliciting to be a guest poster, or just want to increase your likability with a potential customer, then correct grammar is a must.  Incorrect grammar and too many mistakes will more than likely dissolve any chance of acquiring any of those opportunities. 

Do yourself a favor, and download the free tool that helps you to avoid the above consequences of bad grammar and spelling. Your former English teacher will be glad that you did 🙂 Just don’t write another blog post, SEO description of your site, an about us page, or disclaimer page without using the free services of Grammarly.


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